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What is Astrology?

In several cultures including ours, the relationship between the cosmos and an individual cannot be ignored. It is believed that the path of our lives are determined by an intricate relationship between the time you were born, the star you were born under, your sun sign, the planetary alignment and other elements. The study is down to an exact science – Astrology. Simply put, astrology is the study of metaphysics (beyond physics) based loosely on ancient principles of fengshui, yoga and acupuncture. It is one of the earliest recorded sciences and requires a great deal of mastery.

What is Palmistry?

Everyone’s palm is unique and there are no two ones alike. Palmistry is an occult science that involves the study of palm prints, palm lines and finger prints. Legend has it that this practise had its origins in India – with its roots in Vedic astrology. There is a very strong connection between palmistry and astrology and if one really wants to predict the future – you cannot do one without the other.

What is Horoscope?

A horoscope determines the series of events that are likely to control the course of a person’s life. It can also help understand a conflict, a bad time, a happy occasion or the occurrence of an event and can help plan your life with more clarity. With a wide collection, spacious shops, highly experienced expert astrologers and highly service-minded staff, KPJ is indeed the most sought after jewellery showroom. KPJ astrologers are fluent in all South Indian languages and are lauded for being one hundred percent accurate in their predictions.